ETOLIS® is the new modular play equipment system from PLAYPARC. With its advanced components, PLAYPARC offers the greatest play value for children aged four to ten. Special emphasis is given to social aspects as well as to risks and communicative play. In addition, motor skills are trained in a playful fashion. In order to give free rein to children’s imagination and creativity, the design of a theme world has been deliberately avoided.

The design of ETOLIS® with its colour concept is tailored to the needs of users. The design makes it possible to flexible assemble the components of the play equipment system.

ETOLIS® combines challenging and innovative play ideas with high-quality materials (like stainless steel, HPL and DuoWood) and maximum flexibility. Timeless design promotes exercise, creativity, adventure and thrills. Pure ETOLIS®! Find out more:

The people behind Playparc Allwetter-Freizeit-Anlagenbau GmbH produce and market the product series NEOSPIEL® and 4FCIRCLE®, replacement parts for children’s playground equipment, and IMAGINATION PLAYGROUND®, famous throughout Germany and Europe. Our motto is “More space for exercise”. We develop, plan and design to give people the opportunity to exercise. Whether grown-ups or little ones, we believe that the instinct to exercise is innate in all of us.

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