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Economic challenges and operational improvements; digitalization and future trends

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Sports facilities are complex projects. How can they be planned and financed efficiently? Early goal setting and engagement with all project stakeholders are the be-all and end-all. How much potential is there in analysing infrastructure performance and usage data? How can digital technologies be meaningfully integrated into the planning and construction process?

Discuss with experts from Australia, Canada and Germany. In the first session on Day 3 of the IAKS Congress, digitalization and future trends in sports facility construction are on the agenda.

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Managing Principal, HCMA, Canada

Darryl Condon, Managing Principal, HCMA architecture, Canada

First Why? Then what? – How to maximize project impact through early decision making

Too often, projects move ahead without clear goals and without considering the full needs of a community. This session will explore how to increase the effectiveness of sports and recreation facilities through early goal setting and engagement with all project stakeholders. It presents an expanded vision of project impacts and strategies for achieving them.

Alex Burrows

Alex Burrows, Founder of ActiveXchange Australasia and Canada

Business intelligence and demand analysis for shaping more informed, connected & active communities

Exploring the more advanced approach behind how infrastructure is now being strategically planned, funded and subsequently operated across Australasia. This includes how actual infrastructure performance and usage data is drawn from a live network of hundreds of venues, creating more precise lines of sight on the likely outcomes and social value impacts of different options. Alongside several recent case studies, Alex and Warren will share the principles of the approach, which can be adopted and applied in other locations globally.

Warren Green

Warren Green, Managing Director, Warren Green Consulting, Australia

Business intelligence and demand analysis for shaping more informed, connected & active communities


Paul Gerrits

Paul Gerrits, Managing Director, Pellikaan Bauunternehmen Deutschland, Germany

Digital evolution in the design and build process

All too often deadlines are not met, construction costs exceed predetermined budgets. Is it not known in advance what will be built? Do we not know what materials are to be delivered and when? How does a client gain earlier insight into what he is buying? Digitization can contribute as an answer to this. How to make the step from digitization to digital transformation.
Examples from the practice of a Design and Build contractor.

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