DSGN designs temporary course at the Ruhr Games

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Every two years the Ruhr Games take place as a major sporting event in the Ruhr area. This summer it was time again: in front of the unique setting of the power station at Duisburg Nord landscape park, national and international athletes competed in various sports and disciplines.  

This time around, the European Championships in Skateboarding in the Street discipline were part of the Ruhr Games of Regionalverband Ruhr. Designed by DSGN CONCEPTS from Münster, the temporary course was necessary because of a lack of appropriate event facilities in the Ruhr area. Ingo Naschold, founder and managing director, explains the design challenge of a temporary course: “It [the course] has to be easy to assemble and dismantle, fit onto a single truck while at the same time having a solid design so it can be used multiple times. For the participants, the course has to be interesting and diverse enough to permit a smooth contest run.”  

The result is a competitive Street course with a big section including a stair set and big rail, a low section with curbs and ledges, along with double-sided backlines made of quarters and banks. The course was not only used in Duisburg for the European Championships, but will be sustainably re-used at the COS Cup Series as course for the German Skateboarding Championship Series. The finale of the COS Cup takes place from 29 November to 1 December at the Europa-Park Rust.

DSGN RuhrGames_temporary course_Thomas Gentsch

photo credit: Thomas Gentsch

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