Demountable and sustainable

A temporary sports hall disassembled after two years of use and rebuilt in exactly the same design and dimensions in another municipality – only 13 kilometers away. It is a situation that occurred in the Lorentzweiler and Strassen municipalities in Luxembourg. A textbook example of a demount­a­ble and circular building by the temporary buildings specialist Neptunus. Just like in Lorentzweiler, the existing sports hall in Strassen required thorough renovation. Because this renovation would take at least 18 months, the municipality of Strassen was looking for temporary accommodation. In their search for a suitable solution, a delegation from Strassen visited the temporary sports hall in the neighboring municipality and was immediately charmed by the demountable sports halls that Neptunus had built there.

It was fortunate that the end of the rental period was in sight in Lorentzweiler, which also meant a great opportunity for the municipality of Strassen. The temporary sports hall is completely demountable and can therefore be moved – like a sort of LEGO system – to a new location. That is exactly what happened. All materials were transported from one municipality to another and rebuilt. Even the building plan could be reused. All installations such as heating, fire alarms, ventilation and lighting were also reused, as well as the sports floor and sports equipment such as turn racks, basketball hoops and scoreboard. Sustainable reuse at its best and a cost-effective solution for the municipality.

This sports hall of the ‘Flexolution’ type complies with the latest energy and environmental standards. The adapted wall panels ensure optimal acoustics in the hall.

Neptunus B.V.

Neptunus Sporthalle Strassen_Neptunus Flexolution sb 2_2018