Canadian approach to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Canadian approach to the COVID-19 pandemic has been developed at a national, provincial and municipal level. While the national government can develop policy, the real successes and disappointments in Canada have happened provincially or regionally. 

This overview of policies includes the national approach as outlined by the Canadian Park and Recreation Association as well as approaches by the Province of British Columbia, site of the upcoming IAKS Study Trip to Metro Vancouver. 

The Canadian Parks and Recreation links to a number of Canadian policies and initiatives and can be found at:

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photo: Unsplash / James Lee

British Columbia has generally set a Canadian standard as to how to control the spread of COVID-19

This has gained international attention. The links to provincial organizations include:


British Columbia and Yukon Branch of the Canadian Lifesaving Society Guideline of Opening 

British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association Guideline for Restarting Operations


Worksafe BC series of recreation specific guidelines including:

for gyms and fitness centres

for parks