Australia: Three-step plan adapting on local conditions

To gradually remove baseline restrictions and make the country COVID-safe, Australian governments are taking a measured approach. The three-step plan provides a pathway for jurisdictions to move towards COVID safe communities in a way that best suits their individual circumstances. States and territories are able to move between the steps on the pathway at different times, in line with their current public health situation and local conditions. The aim is to maintain steady case numbers and be able to rapidly contain outbreaks – while helping prepare Australians to go back to work in a COVID-19 safe environment and getting the economy back to a more sustainable level. The National Cabinet's goal is to have a sustainable COVID safe Australia in July 2020.

Media statement by the Prime Minister of Australia

Step 1 will focus on carefully reopening the economy, and giving Australians opportunities to return to work and social activities. Step 2 builds on this with gatherings of up to 20 people, and more businesses reopening. Step 3 will see a transition to COVID safe ways of living and working, with gatherings of up to 100 people permitted. Arrangements under step 3 will be the ‘new normal’ while the virus remains a threat. International travel and mass gatherings over 100 people will remain restricted.

Related to the sport & recreation area, step 1 means no indoor physical activity including gyms. Stadiums remain closed. Community centres, outdoor gyms, playgrounds and skate parks allow up to 10 people. Outdoor sport (up to 10 people) consistent with the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport is allowed; and pools may open with restrictions.

At step 2, up to 20 people are allowed to participate in outdoor sports and in all indoor sports, including gyms. An average density of min 4 sqm per person is required. Stadiums may open but are only allowed to have up to 20 patrons.

Step 3 allows all venues to operate with gatherings of up to 100 people; and community sport expansion to be considered consistent with the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport. Stadiums and other venues are allowed to open but only with up to 100 patrons.

Download: Three-step framework

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