Australia: Framework and checklist for re-opening

The community of aquatic, recreation and sports industry in Australia has developed an industry re-opening framework response, which is proportionate and is committed to providing safe environments for its employees and the community who are keen to exercise, recreate and participate in community sport within managed facilities and space.

The group includes industry national peak bodies and state peak bodies; facility and program providers; and has been supported by IAKS member Smart Connection Consultancy.

This industry framework has been developed by benchmarking key global and national organizations and approaches to activities and sports that include social interaction while respecting the need for social distancing is critical for the containment of the spread of COVID-19. It aims to provide operators and local governments have confidence in the areas that they need to explore for their facilities re-opening. The framework should be used by the operators and local governments to jointly agree the best possible way of re-opening the facilities. A checklist has been developed to assist the industry in navigating the opportunities.

Re-opening framework and checklist

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photo: Unsplash /chris yang