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AST: 2019 Gold Partner

AST is a global enterprise network with its headquarters in Höfen / Austria. With subsidiaries and associated companies in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and China, we guarantee our customers short ways and, above all, a constant on-site accessibility. In addition, we are constantly expanding the very successful and globally branched and highly professional network of partners and competencies.

Consulting / Product Development / Construction / Production / Project Management / Installation / Maintenance ... AST has brought all this under one roof. It is the prerequisite for being able to offer our customers holistic solutions.

We are innovation leaders, technology drivers and market leaders for ice rink technologies, developers and manufacturers of high-quality dasher board systems, but also distributor of ice resurfacing machines and ice rink accessories. Since its founding more than 30 years ago, our customers benefit from solutions for mobile, partly mobile and permanent ice rinks, thermal solar systems for swimming pools and artificial turf heaters. Through innovative, energy and cost-efficient solutions, we have achieved many triple AAA projects and sports facilities over the years.

Whether it is a temporary ice rink on the summit of an alpine peak, an ice rink renovation with heat recovery, an impact absorbing ice hockey board or the installation of an efficient solar pool heating system, the product range of the ISO-certified AST is quite diverse and meets all quality requirements.

AST has many years of experience and integrates all aspects and requirements into the development and optimization of its products and services. Not only does AST focus on saving time and money, it also focuses on tailoring each solution to the prevailing needs. Feasibility studies and reliable calculations provide full control, and year after year we fulfill our customers' expectations with leading solutions expertise.

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