26th TAFISA conference in Tokyo: IAKS Japan shared IAKS Future Trends

The 26th TAFISA conference on “Sport for All through Tradition and Innovation” was held from 13-17 November in Tokyo with over 600 participants from 78 countries. The congress featured a joint event day with the Smart Cities & Sport Summit by bringing both organisationsʼ networks and stakeholders together. Topics included Happy Aging, Made to Play, Design your Policy, Building Communities, and Impact through Innovation. There were five main sessions, eight parallel sessions, one workshop and a sports day.

In the framework of one of the main sessions entitled “Making change happen How to build communities through sport?IAKS Japan Executive Board member Yoshiko Osamura presented the IAKS Future Trends in Sports and Leisure Facilities. The session gave insights on sports for all from the perspective of sports and leisure facilities since amenities and open spaces are important to realize sports and leisure activities for all people. From France, Yunus Sports Hub Co-founder and Director Yoan Noguier talked about “Using Social Business Methods to build a Sport for All Legacy“. The third speaker was Nagano Junior Sports Clubs Association representative Midori Harahata from Japan, who shared her thoughts on “Training the Young Sport for All Leaders of Tomorrow“.

TAFISA summit 2019_IAKS Japan represented by Yoshiko Osamura

Yoshiko Osamura (IAKS Japan Executive Board Member), Wolfgang Baumann (TAFISA Secretary General)