World's first multi-storey skatepark

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F51 is the world’s first multi-storey skatepark. Located in the UK, it was designed by Guy Holloway Architects. Its aim? To revolutionize towns and cities and the way that youth and sports facilities are incorporated into urban planning.

F51 features 2,100 m2 of skateable surface and suspended concrete bowls and 15 m high climbing walls, offering 580 m2 of climbing and bouldering space. Working with the architects and the Roger De Hann Charitable Trust,
P A Grant Electrical Contractors Ltd created a complete lighting scheme for this GBP 17 million project using indoor and outdoor solutions from Thorn. “All products were selected for their rigidity, lighting quality and efficiency,” said Key Account Manager Nick Hughes. “500 AquaForce Pro luminaires light the skating areas. They fitted the application perfectly due to their wide beam optics and drip edge design that prevents dust depositing on the light output surface - essential in this open wire mesh building – as well as their low maintenance and energy saving capabilities.”

Emergency lighting was also important, and the amount of luminaires was minimized by using Thorn’s Voyager Star, while adhering to relevant safety standards. Outside, PLAZA 35 floodlights provide a uniform lit effect on the façade, avoiding light spill onto neighbouring properties. PLAZA 35’s high performance reduced the required number of luminaires by 30 %. Other Thorn products used include Omega Pro, ForceLED and EyeKon. Paul Grant, Managing Director of P A Grant Electrical Contractors Ltd said: "By choosing Thorn, we knew we’d be working with a competent partner, so felt assured that the design would be suitable, and we had confidence in the products themselves, as well as the aftercare service. We really enjoyed working with Thorn.”

Thorn Skatepark

Photo: Thorn Lighting