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Many visitors to the ice rinks of the future will rub their eyes in amazement at an ice resurfacing machine that can operate while the driver’s seat remains empty. This is the result of the innovative approach to ice resurfacing machines by the manufacturer WM ice technics of South Tyrol in Italy. The company has developed the self-driving WM Mammoth Autopilot, which permits the entire ice preparation process to be carried out without a driver. A positioning system allows the machine to follow a predetermined route over the ice, with the surface treated autonomously. The operator’s only tasks are to empty the snow tank after the work is completed and to return the machine to its starting point. Efficiency does not suffer: quite the contrary, as the machine’s high-precision driving cycles result in far fewer overlaps on the ice surface – this in turn requires less water and energy to cool the ice, all while saving precious working time and permitting the ice rink to be used sooner.

The time required to prepare the ice can also be precisely calculated, meaning that ice rink operators and event organisers can be certain that the ice will be ready in the limited time available and that everything can proceed as planned. The WM Mammoth Autopilot also possesses many features adapted to the special requirements of an ice rink. The machine has a snow tank volume of 3 m³ and a water capacity of 1,000 (or optionally 1,350) litres, and boasts outstanding manoeuvrability and compactness. It also meets all the criteria that distinguish WM ice technics ice resurfacing machines, scoring highly as regards safety at work, ease of use and attractive design. The WM Mammoth Autopilot can also of course be user-operated without limitation.

WM ice technics is a market leader and innovative player in the field of high-quality ice resurfacing machines for both large and small ice surfaces.

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