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WEIBEL swim lane lines

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A pro knows the role the basic conditions in the pool play. And here the lane line assortment from Weibel is top of the line. It is just as fit for competition as it is for everyday use.

The focus when choosing swimming line equipment is on quality and individual advice. Because only with smooth use are the operators of the indoor pools just as enthusiastic as the swimmer in the lane.

In addition, it is a prerequisite that the complete needs for competition, training and safety can be covered with just a few products. Weibel, an international company based in Switzerland, covers all requirements with its product range.


50-metre olympic pool with equipment for competitions (photo: WEIBEL)

Everything about the swim line

Weibel_3283_Schwimmleinen 2022 KW 38 Bodendurchführung.jpg

A practical floor grommet allows the lines to be stowed directly next to the pool edge in no time at all.

Everything that comes into contact with the swim line is available, from competition lines to poolside extensions. Individual solutions are part of the offer. User-friendly storage plays an important role in everyday use. Whether with reel trolleys or collection containers in the cellars. To the delight of the swimming pool attendant, the tool-free operation of the clamping locks is highly satisfactory!


  • Racing lane lines
  • Compact lane lines
  • Divisional lines
  • False start – and turning lines
  • Water polo pitchs
  • Reel trolleys
  • Accessories & spare parts

Experience and quality shake hands

Zeller_Östringen_weibel schwimmleinen_650.jpg

Weibel divisional lines with protective hose and steel cable

All Weibel products are made from halogen-free material according to customer requirements. All lines are assembled by hand with in-house production of plastic components according to Swiss quality standards. In less than two weeks, the journey begins: the products reach the international customers.

The lines can be upgraded or replaced long after the purchase. The expert advice and wide range of accessories and spare parts offer the pool operators completely worry-free use of the swimming lines and accessories.

The complete range can also be found online at including how to find the shop.