Space-saving safety at dizzy heights

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Ball catching nets are becoming increasingly popular. A playable sports area on the roof is not only a highlight, but also saves space. It is often impossible to have playgrounds and sports fields in towns and cities due to the lack of space. Carefree and safe play at any height is possible with X-TEND stainless steel mesh. Schools and day-care centres in particular make use of this space advantage. The playing field can not only be surrounded with the stainless steel mesh, but also covered horizontally so that there is no risk of losing the ball when playing at dizzy heights. Both the nature of the mesh and the use of small mesh sizes stop children from climbing the structure.

Carl Stahl ARC X-TEND is a protective element which, at the same time, is a design feature. It is made entirely of stainless steel of the V4a family. In a specially developed procedure, the stainless steel cables are pressed with stainless steel ferrules to form a resilient and flexible mesh structure. X-TEND moulds itself to the desired shape of the area to be protected and adapts individually – for two- or three-dimensional applications.

Stainless steel safety mesh is compelling due to its stability, durability and flexibility, and has the additional advantage of being non-flammable. At the same time it is absolutely UV-resistant. The spectators and also the athletes enjoy a perfect view. Balls fly silently into the mesh without deforming or damaging it. It has a low self weight in relation to its load-bearing capacity and can thus be used in large expanses.

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Photo: Carl Stahl ARC

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