Optimisation through real-time data

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Improving the fan experience on arrival at the stadium and in the stadium itself is an ongoing process for event organisers to provide a seamless stadium experience for their visitors.

Challenges include getting into the stadium without long waiting times, reliable entry validation to blocks in the venue, and more efficient utilisation of food & beverage stands.

With smart sensors, a smart data hub, and an accessible, acoustic communication standard, SonoBeacon offers an easy-to-implement all-in-one solution that addresses these challenges.

A solution that counts and locates visitors in real time, visualizes visitor flows, transmits visitor information, and validates access to blocks in the stadium using acoustic signals.

Benefits for organisers
1. valid real-time visitor data as the basis for efficient, location-based occupancy and security management in the sta­dium and on arrival, as well as increased sales in the F&B area;
2. improvement of the fan experience through location-based, digital and accessible visitor information and services;
3. unambiguous validation of tickets when accessing blocks in the stadium, and real-time information on the occupancy of the blocks.

About SonoBeacon
SonoBeacon is a company with headquarters in Wismar and a branch in Hamburg, which offers location-based analytics and services developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute.


Graphic: SonoBeacon