Olympic Traack in Central Mexico

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Santiago de Querétaro lies about 240 km northwest of Mexico City. The almost 500-year-old city is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Not only the colonial architecture, but also a huge sports and cultural centre has been a landmark of the city centre since 2021. The stadium features a bright blue athletics track with a CONIPUR SW surface.

The city of Querétaro was unusually festive in March 2021. Its 860,000 inhabitants were celebrating the inauguration of the Alameda Centre. Covering an area of two hectares, and home to a large arts and cultural centre, its centrepiece is the Querétaro Olympic Stadium and several outdoor sports facilities. The Olympic Stadium seats 4,600 spectators on two grandstand levels, from where they enjoy a perfect view of the various sporting events such as football, rugby and athletics. The bright blue athletics track and other track and field zones installed by Sportsystems México are particularly impressive. The renowned company used CONIPUR SW in Blue 5015 for this purpose, installing a total surface of around 6,700 square metres. This flooring even allowed the track to be certified according to Class 2 World Athletics.

CONIPUR SW is a polyurethane athletics track system with a PUR-bonded elastic layer based on recycled granulates. The 3 mm PUR surface layer is highly durable, anti-slip and anti-skid in all weather conditions. Its structure also provides a force reduction of 37%, making it a great alternative to all-plastic flooring options. The top layer can be renewed using the Retop method to extend the service life even further. CONIPUR SW was the first track system certified by World Athletics back in 1999. Today eight athletics tracks are certified as Class 1 and more than 60 as Class 2.



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