IWBF Europe endorses official games

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Another affirmation for ASB GlassFloor and another milestone in the development of indoor sports. The European Wheelchair Basketball Federation IWBF Europe has decreed that the MultiSports glass flooring system from ASB GlassFloor fulfils all the requirements for the holding of official wheelchair basketball games. The IWBF Europe once more made it clear that they are an innovative trailblazer in the development of wheelchair basketball, as well as indoor sports in general. IWBF Europe relies on the expertise of the 25-times Swiss Champion in wheelchair basketball, the Pilatus Dragons, as well as the Swiss national team’s coach Nicolas Hausamann. Together they had subjected the glass floor to an extensive endurance test on the premises of the OYM Performance Center in Cham, Switzerland.

In addition to the floor’s significantly improved playability, the possibility of switching the lines on and off at the touch of a button so that only the necessary markings are visible was particularly appreciated. This eliminates the tangle of lines and significantly improves the quality of the game.

Mr. Petr Tuček, Secretary General of the IWBF Europe, says:

“Judging from the experiences of our members from the Swiss area, and without having looked at the model myself, the IWBF Europe comes to the following conclusion: the new flooring system presented by ASB GlassFloor meets all requirements for the practice of wheelchair basketball. We at IWBG wish to highlight the following positive features:

  • Highly innovative technology with the advantage of single line switching, so that only these are visible.
  • The possibility of replacing / repairing individual panels should they ever break, without having to replace the entire floor.“
ASB Trainingscenter_OYM_1262.

photo: ASB GlassFloor

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