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International jury decides in July

Who will be choosing the winners of the IOC IPC IAKS Architecture Prizes in 2021? This year’s jury is manned by renowned international personalities from IOC, IPC and IAKS. New to the adjudicating process is Laura Munch (Realdania) from Denmark. She can count on the teamwork with long-standing jury members Gilbert Felli (IOC), Mark Todd (IPC), Gary Conrad Boychuk (IAKS), Klaus Meinel (IAKS), Ernst-Ulrich Tillmanns (4a Architekten) and Wolfgang Becker (Rif University Sports Centre).

This is the perfect moment to submit your project. Don’t wait until 31 March to submit! Benefit from the early bird entry deadline on Feburary 28th.

award jury session 2019 meinel todd.JPG