Inspection covers for safety floorings

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Inspecs® inspection inserts for safety surfaces are ready-to-install inserts for safety surfaces that offer many advantages for the maintenance of the regularly inspected foundation points in conformity with the European standard DIN EN 1176-1:2017.

When new equipment is installed, the inspection insert is positioned around playground equipment posts flush with the fall protection surface and seamlessly integrated in such a way that a removable maintenance unit is created that is flush with the ground. This allows the inspector to simply open the foundation point from time to time and thus carry out an unrestricted inspection of the underlying foundation points. After the inspection, the inspection insert is simply returned to its original position. There are no annually recurring construction costs and the installation does not have to be barred from use for the post inspections.

Intelligent features thanks to Inspecs® inspection ­assignments

  • Seamless design: continuous fall protection properties conforming to DIN EN 1177: 2018-03; seamlessly embedded
  • Flexible: ad-hoc testing without logistical preparation ­during equipment use
  • Post-adaptable: can be produced for different post geometries and diameters
  • Theft-proof: the inspection key permits annual inspection and thus secures use during the whole year

Take advantage of the intelligent features of the Inspecs® ­inspection inserts!

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photo: melos

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