Innovation rooted in tradition

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Engo develops and refines ice resurfacing machines and dasher board systems

For years, Engo has been producing a wide range of equipment in the field of ice maintenance, taking the strain off ice rink technicians in their day-to-day work. Engo’s many years of in-depth experience are the key to the constant development of its product portfolio.

Engo GmbH in Vahrn in beautiful South Tyrol has been building customised ice resurfacing machines and dasher board systems since 1979, and for some years now has also been supplying a wide range of accessories such as ice hockey goals, stands, seating, video walls and cubes, protective mats for short track and speed skating, and rink covers – to name but a few. Personalisation is very important to the South Tyrol company, as the various ice technicians treat each ice surface in a similar way, but never identically.

Air and water temperature and humidity are major factors in ice maintenance and always vary. Engo specialises in finding the perfect combination of sensors and mechanical components to create the perfect ice surface. On the „Ferrari“ of ice resurfacing machines, you will therefore always find innovative technologies such as the „SolidIce“ spray system, which can replace the traditional spray tube and wipe on conventional ice resurfacers while reducing water consumption at the same time.

Convenience as an important factor

Engo pushes ahead with the development of features such as the height-adjustable ice edger, which also automatically adjusts the speed of the machine in proportion to ice depth.

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Comprehensive personalised solutions

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Photos: engo GmbH

Personalisation also finds expression in design. Dasher boards and ice resurfacers can be personalised at no extra charge to match the club colours of the local ice sports team. Whatever the item – kick plate, handrail, snow tank or bodywork – any colour combination is possible.

Where the personalisation of dasher board systems is concerned, people often assume that it is only a matter of positioning or shaping a few components. However, Engo offers comprehensive personalised solutions in addition to the personalisation of individual items. These all-in-one solutions make use of such innovative technologies as QuickAdapt to vary the size of the dasher board on the ice surface; and Motion LED, which can also cover an entire board with an LED advertising space, if desired.

Engo regards innovation as a tradition and sees problem solving and sustainable business as a commitment in a changing and rapidly evolving world.