Innovation and export success

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Anti Wave is pleased to announce that the Global Anti Goal has now shipped to 25 countries since release in Mid 2021, including shipment to top clubs and facilities in Australia, ­Europe, Asia, the Americas and The Gulf.

The result of over 50 years of global experience in water polo goal innovation, design and production, the Global Anti Goal release saw the blending of cutting-edge materials and production with innovative goal design. The result is a light-weight, heavy-duty, full-sized polo goal that meets the needs of all clubs and facilities around the world.

Designed and produced in Australia, the Global Anti Goal features an innovative high strength foldable goal design with small footprint for economic poolside storage options.

Oversized HD PE Foam flotation elements provide excellent stability of the goal during gameplay, and specially designed rear bumpers protect pool edge tiles from damage.

The Global Anti Goal is the official Polo Goal of USA Water Polo and was selected for the 2021 USA Water Polo Junior Olympics competition. An immediate global favourite.

Each of the Global Anti Goal components and fittings have been carefully selected and tested by top players and clubs in Australia, Europe and USA, for maximum durability and longevity, even under the most severe player and environmental conditions.

Waterpolo goal AntiWave

photo: AntiWave