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IAKS UK Webinar: Olympic legacy for sports and leisure facilities – Recording available

The webinar on September 28 was the start of a new series by IAKS UK. The Thursday event was the inaugural edition of the series „In conversation with…“ – and started with IAKS Vice President and POPULOUS Senior Principal Tom Jones.

In the light of the IAKS Study Trip to Tokyo which took place 27-28 June 2023, Tom compiled the key learnings related to „Olympic Legacy for sports and leisure facilities”

In the 1-hour webinar, he presented reflections of the sports and leisure facilities that were visited on the IAKS Study Trip, including refurbishments of Olympic venues used in the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games and the new National Stadium that was built for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. He also showed examples of contemporary sports training facilities, as well as older sports training facilities that cater for traditional Japanese sports.

The webinar attendees engaged in a vivid discussion about legacy and exchanged their various points of view.

The recording of the webinar is available free of charge for IAKS members. Simply reach out to the IAKS office at and ask for the link.

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