Future shock pad and e-layer

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The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) adopted a standard that specifies minimum performance and durability requirements for shock pads and e-layers. The  EN 15330-4 replaces the various standards currently being followed and hand authorities a tool to build safer and more sustainable sports facilities, while saving money.

Building smart
Over the past decade, the Schmitz Foam Products ProPlay shock pad has been used in over 1000 projects in Germany alone.  Kai Wasmund, export manager of Schmitz Foam Products explains: “ProPlay doesn’t require extensive groundworks or disturbance of the existing surface for it to be installed. A flat and stable surface is all the interlocking panels need to deliver the performance layer for any artificial turf surface. This means that using ProPlay saves time and money and can be done without the need for specialists or heavy-duty equipment. Moreover, it facilitates a quick and affordable upgrade of existing sports surfaces or the installation of sports facil­ities at sites where the soil conditions are such that they should be left untouched“. 

These advantages have already encouraged several German municipalities to upgrade the typical Asche-Plätze, sports fields with a surface of compacted fly-ash, to more appealing, safer and multi-purpose artificial turf fields. Most of these projects were delivered within weeks instead of months, and many of them where finished significantly cheaper than if they had gone for traditional construction methods.

 ProPlay-Sport shock pad

Graphic: Schmitz Foam

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