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Female expertise at 28th IAKS Congress

International IAKS congress for the design, construction, modernization and management of sports and leisure facilities 23-27 Oct in Cologne, Germany
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As many international organizations, IAKS is attentive to gender issues and tries to raise the percentage of female speakers in its events wherever possible. This year, we welcome a significant number of talented and experienced female experts at the 28th IAKS Congress. We look forward to hearing their ideas and latest findings when they will share their amazing knowledge and expertise.

Have a look at the speaker line-up and learn about the speaker’s professional background and what motivates them to design, engineer or operate sports and leisure facilities, understanding their potential to bring diverse groups of people together and foster a sense of unity.


Irina Korneychuk, Yvette Audet, Marion LaRue, Natalie Eßig, Mary Chow, Irina Akhmanova, Lisa Mari Watson, Jeanne Ng, Theresa Rüdiger, Cynthia Watson (from left to right, starting from top)