Fantastic playgrounds with FABULA

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The modular multi-playground system ETOLIS® from PLAYPARC combines challenging and innovative play ideas with high-quality, sustainable materials and a high degree of flex­ibility. With its modern components, it is designed to give children aged between 4 and 10 years lots of fun climbing, sliding, hanging and romping around. The new FABULA modules extend this product line with roofs, balustrades and play walls made of untreated larch wood. Imaginative design and a variety of play functions transform any playground into an adventure land. FABULA lets the imagination run wild and at the same time encourages movement, creativity and exciting adventures. Motifs and decorative applications on the wooden components create unique playground attractions that will delight young and old alike.

FABULA can also be created with the modular KIT+ system from PLAYPARC, offering numerous design options for transforming a playground into an exciting play world. All modules of the modular system can be flexibly combined and can be customised to create an attractive and varied range of play and exercise options depending on taste and space availability. Combined with playground classics such as seesaws, roundabouts, swings and ropeways, the result is a versatile playground paradise that appeals to children of all ages and physical abilities. The result is a themed playground with a local flavour: whether it's a knight's castle in the old town of Einbeck or a meerkat play area next to their enclosure at ­Versmold Zoo, anything is possible.



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