Ever heard of para ice hockey?

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Para ice hockey, formerly known as sledge hockey, was founded in Sweden around 35 years ago, and has been a Paralympic sport since 1994. Italy has competed in European, World Championships and Paralympic Games since 2005, and players from South Tyrol have been a part of it all since the very beginning. In Italy, unfortunately, there are very few younger players. Kaltern (Province of Bozen, South Tyrol) transformed this scene in 2009, and now regularly hosts the training sessions for Italy’s only junior team. 

For people with physical disabilities, this sport is exceptionally challenging and fast: When speeding over the ice on a small metal double-blade sledge, agility, strength and stamina are absolutely essential. Propulsion is provided only by two short hockey sticks which players use both to move around and to shoot the puck into the goal, as in standard ice hockey.

The ultimate goal would be to set up a junior para ice hockey team in Kaltern. However, many parents of children with reduced mobility steer clear of this sport as it may seem dangerous. However, it’s anything but: the children are fully protected in their hockey gear, and the physical exercise is always good for them. The hockey equipment is made in high quality material which is, unfortunately, fairly expensive, and the sledges are imported from Canada. 

WM technics management seized the opportunity to provide financial support to the para ice hockey team of SV Kaltern Rothoblaas and the South Tyrol Eagles by purchasing a new Canadian sledge for two children, which was handed over during a tour of the factory. And thus, the ground stone for our long-term sponsorship was laid.

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