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Build your own ice resurfacer!

WM ice technics ensure absolute transparency

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More than just a look behind the scenes: the South Tyrolean specialist in high-quality ice resurfacing machines allows customers to actively contribute to the assembly of their new service vehicles.

The ice experts of Patinoire Kockelscheuer in Luxemburg spent two years looking for the perfect ice resurfacer that would tick all of their boxes. “We gave ourselves a lot of time to find our bearings in the market and visited a number of manufacturers. In the end, we decided on WM ice technics. Their innovative approach and beautifully designed ice resurfacers with their excellent handling, convenient maintenance and easy access to all functions impressed us all the way,” explains manager Lex Fautsch.

The group from Luxemburg chose the high-performance Mammoth to prepare the ice in their arena to perfection. The Patinoire Kockelscheuer ice arena is home to a main hall with 2,200-visitor capacity, an 1800 m2 ice rink and a 450 m2 curling rink, annexed by a second ice rink with a surface of 1,800 m2 and 450-visitor capacity. Alongside ice hockey, other sports practised in the arena include curling, figure skating, ice dance, short-track and ice stock sport.

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Inspiring exchange between manufacturer and users

The six Luxemburgers – Pierre, Max, Sergio, Kim, Kevin A. and Kevin S. – also found an opportunity that they couldn’t let slip by. In the last two weeks of July 2021, they travelled down to the WM ice technics production site in South Tyrol, where the design, construction and assembly of their ice resurfacers are all carried out under one roof. Together with the skilled WM team, they themselves helped to put their ice resurfacer together. Bolt by bolt and part by part, the ice experts set to assembling under the watchful eye of the WM ice technics staff.

“The thing that fascinated us most was the family ­atmosphere in a young, motivated team, their forthright approach and the efficient cooperation. We received an answer to our every question, and there were no secrets. Technical minutiae were explained to us meticulous detail, and background information was clarified,” the ice expert reports. “The experience of being personally involved in the construction of an ice resurfacer has been one of the best of my professional life. You see which part belongs where, and can therefore easily fix simple problems if they arise.” In the meantime, the WM Mammoth has arrived at the ice stadium in Kockelscheuer. “And now, seeing our hand-­crafted machine on the ice is amazing. After all, we worked on it ourselves!”

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Market leader in the top-quality ice-resurfacing sector

WM ice technics’ product portfolio comprises five vehicles, each of which has been purpose-developed for its own specific field of operation. WM ice technics are well-known for their skills in innovation and this is reflected in the many practical details, including integrated edgers, automatic mode and the entire concept of their vehicles. And it is with these skills that the young, motivated team have developed, to name but two, the WM Autopilot system which allows the ice resurfacer to carry out ice preparation independently, and the highly manoeuvrable WM Pinguino which cleans and ­resurfaces temporary and smaller ice rinks to flawless perfection.

WM ice technics attach the highest importance to user-friendliness and ease of use and are the only company to have their vehicles type-tested by Suva, the independent certification organisation based in Switzerland. Among other criteria, this certification guarantees safety during use and ergonomic features that far surpass the minimum legal requirements. The company’s international sales network with local maintenance partners ensures on-site customer care that you can depend on. A service that the Luxemburg ice experts are not likely to use very often: after all, they know their Mammoth like the backs of their hands.