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2024 IAKS Study trip to Australia: Spotlight on aquatic facilities

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The study tour will include visits to various sports and leisure facilities with exclusive behind-the-scenes tours. Participants will receive detailed information about the construction process and management of each facility and will be able to interact with those responsible.

Today we would like to introduce the aquatic facilities participating in the study tour:

  • Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Center in Melbourne
  • The Aquatic Centre in the Olympic Park in Sydney
  • Parramatta Aquatic Centre in Sydney
  • Sleeman Aquatic Centre in Brisbane

In addition to the aquatic facilities, the 2024 IAKS Study Trip to Australia has much more to offer! You can decide whether you want to take part in the entire trip with all three locations or just choose a city that best suits your interests.

Why attend?

Operators of municipal and private sports and leisure facilities, architects, planners, investors will enjoy this perfect combination of site visits and international networking.

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credit: Sydney Olympic Park Authority