Lausin y Vicente S.L. is a Spanish family company established in 1974, which is committed to sport as a fundamental activity to promote human health and well-being.

The company started manufacturing gymnastics equipment for schools and clubs at national level, but it soon expanded its product portfolio producing track and field and team sports equipment. Since the late 1990s, Lausin y Vicente products have been supplied and installed in stadiums, sports halls, outdoor multisport courts and athletic tracks in different countries around the world.

Because every sport facility is unique, Lausin y Vicente works using a professional, specialized and expertise technical department, which studies each individual case to offer bespoke services.

The picture above shows a sports hall in Spain, where the company installed three pairs of ceiling-mounted basketball goals and one pair of motorized handball goals.

Lausin y Vicente S.L. is committed to continuous improvement in the products it offers and the processes of management to increase its competitiveness.

Lausin Sporthalle

Photo: Lausin y Vicente


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