Since the existing sports hall was too small and no longer up to date, the municipality of Finsing decided to build a new double-and-a-half-sized hall for the around 475 students of the local elementary and middle school as well as local clubs and sports groups. During a construction period of only 15 months, a multi-purpose hall with state-of-the-art equipment, probably unique in the region, was built to a design by architect Markus Heilmaier (Erding).

When it came to the flooring for the interior design of the hall, the choice fell on the elastic linoleum sports floor DLW Colorette from Gerflor. This durable “all-rounder” is characterized by excellent sliding behavior as well as a non-slip, matt surface. The excellent residual indentation of ≤ 0.20 mm also withstands point loads from mat carts, equipment or mobile stands. In addition, the sports flooring meets every requirement of the DIN 18032 and EN 14904 sports standards. An added plus is that the “Elephant Grey” colour selected, in combination with the discreetly structured design, conceals traces of use – so the floor looks “like new” over the long term, even with intensive use. Last but not least, the easy-care flooring solution is also convincing in terms of sustainability: DLW Colorette is made from 98 % organic and mineral raw materials and has a recycled content of up to 40 %.

In Finsing, Gerflor was once again able to demonstrate its decades of expertise as the world’s leading manufacturer in the field of resilient sports flooring. In addition to its linoleum sports flooring marketed under the DLW Sport brand, the company also shows off with its top-quality, point elastic Taraflex brand of vinyl sports flooring. The range is rounded off by the fully resilient sport court “PowerGame+” outdoor tiles for outdoor playing surfaces.

Gerflor Sporthalle Finsing Colorette Elephant Grey.jpg

photo: Gerflor Mipolam GmbH

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