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Terminal and urban park in São Luís

featured in sb magazine 4/2022
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New public space in historic town centre

published in sb magazine 4/2022


The Terminal and Urban Park project fosters the renovation of a central area in a precari­ous district. With the creation of the sports court, skate arena, a playground, a highly welcomed fountain area and the community garden, the Natureza Urbana office aims to enhance collective activities and public engagement in the management of the park, reno­vating public spaces and connecting them with the urban fabric.

Sao Luis

Photo: Meireles Junior

Good to know

Sao Luis

Photo: Meireles Junior

São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil

Client / operator
International Development Bank
and São Luís City Hall

Natureza Urbana
BR – 05432-050 São Paulo

Natureza Urbana

Meireles Junior

Official opening
December 2020

Construction costs
BRL 14.3 million
(EUR 2.6 million)

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