Sports hall luminaire “ballea” from Regiolux: efficient and ball impact resistant

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The new sports hall luminaire “ballea” from Regiolux is both efficient and ball impact resistant. It offers a high impact resistance (IK10), qualifying it for all areas of a sports hall. Homogeneous and glare-free lighting can be realised thanks to its high efficiency and innovative multilayer lighting technology – suitable for multi-function halls, three-zone sports halls, tennis, football and badminton halls, fitness rooms and gyms as well as for side and functional rooms. The luminaire ensures flicker-free light, which is necessary for high-speed sports as well as high-quality HD video recording with good quality images.

Regiolux_ballea_2022 KW 2.jpg

The new sports hall luminaire “ballea” from Regiolux is efficient and ball impact resistant. With homogeneous and glare-free lighting it guarantees optimum conditions for training and competition. (photo: Regiolux)

Regiolux_ballea_02 _2022 KW 2.jpg

The sports hall luminaire with integrated light management is ideal for new installations and for the simple conversion to modern LED lighting with attractive grants. (photo: Regiolux)

The sports hall luminaire with narrow/wide beam distribution "Made in Germany" from Regiolux is available with an efficiency of 157 lm/W and different output levels of between 5,300 and 28,900 lm. A wide range of accessories is available for fast installation in a variety of application areas: as recessed, surface-mounted or suspended luminaire, as light run or for installation with a mounting rail.

New systems are easy to install with ballea, and existing systems can also be easily converted to modern LED sports hall lighting. Integrated light management and wireless light control guarantee an additional gain in efficiency as well as convenience. The luminaire meets all of the key requirements for energy-efficient lighting refurbishment, for which grants can be provided by the BMU for local authorities and BEG for companies. The long LED service life of up to 100,000 hours also ensures sustainable use with low maintenance effort.

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