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Social sustainability: Recreation facilities for All

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“Rapidly deliver a vibrant urban park” – which municipality would not like to be able to do so? The thematic block in the morning of 27 Oct will have first-hand reports from projects in Canada and Denmark. How can a city become an Active City?

The session is moderated by Ola Mattson, Development Consultant, LOA fonden, Denmark.


Concord Community Pop Up Park_Tom Yim 650.jpg

photo: Tom Yim

Laurent Jean Fancois

Jean-Francois Laurent, Junior Director, TAFISA, Germany

Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe: The matrix for change

The matrix for change was created to assist and guide local authorities who are curious about starting their journey to becoming an Active City, but who are not sure how to get started. The matrix is an interactive tool, user-friendly and based on a check-box system.


Margot Long, Principal, PWL Partnership Landscape Architects, Canada

Concord Community Pop-Up Park

As the need for park space increases in our growing urban centres, opportunities exist to utilize vacant land for cost effective, quick start projects to accommodate immediate demand for open space. Concord Community pop-up park represents one such quick-start project that combined the efforts of both public and private partners to rapidly deliver a vibrant urban park that provides naturalized green space, recreational amenities, and places for social gathering.


Holger Kortbek, Head of sports facilities at municipality of Gladsaxe, Denmark

24/7 indoor facilities for All – Is this possible?

Public use, of outdoor facilities, is a natural service to our citizens all over the world. Can we bring this service into indoor facilities, and make a 24/7 offer of admittance to indoor sport facilities for self or unorganized guests? How can digital solutions take over from staff and what are the benefits and problems we can meet working with such a set up.

Hentze, Mark

Mark Hentze, Architect, DIALOG, Canada

Embracing diversity: Key to inclusion in recreation facility participation

How to encourage sport and recreation facility designers, and operators to embrace diversity in order to better create inclusive opportunity within recreation infrastructure? The presentation will demonstrate examples and philosophies that create opportunities for inclusion. The session will provide examples of design strategies, technologies and operational philosophies that can make your facility more welcoming. The concept of “Dignity for All” is a core concept in the design and operation of recreation facilities.

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