Hybrid training, the latest trend in ice sports

by IAKS member Like-Ice (Advert)

Hybrid training is training on combined natural and synthetic ice. This provides ice hockey players, and especially up-and-coming players, with additional resources for practising their sport. In future, it will no longer be natural ice "or" synthetic ice, but "and". A LIKE-ICE! surface is installed in the ice rink and keeps it running in summer, making the ice rink available all year round. A LIKE-ICE! surface during the regular ice sports season creates an additional training area for individual and one-to-one training. This

  • creates extra ice time
  • makes the rink more flexible for users
  • permits all-year training (skill centre, skate mill)
  • facilitates individual and one-to-one training (training for small groups and individuals)

and thus improves training.

LIKE-ICE! has 80% of the glide of natural ice and offers almost 100% the same ice-skating posture as on natural ice. These properties are now making a combination of synthetic and natural ice possible. LIKE-ICE! cannot replace natural ice, but is the perfect addition.

Easy to install and truly sustainable – without additional structural measures and CO2-neutral in operation: in other words, fully aligned with the trend.

Hybridtraining3 on ice_Like Ice.

Graphic: Like-Ice

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