Cooperation between AST and LIKE-ICE! creates the first full-range ice sports service provider

News by IAKS members AST and LIKE-ICE

LIKE-ICE! from Bavaria, the technology leader in the market segment of synthetic ice, has recently entered into cooperation with AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH, one of the world’s leading ice rink builders and hirers. This marks the creation of the world’s first full-range ice sports service provider, something that will delight customers particularly.

With this wider range of products, it will be possible from now on to meet all requirements relating to ice skating, ice hockey and curling. The range now serves summer and winter activities and covers applications from indoor ice rinks to school games – and the customer receives everything from a single source.

AST – Advanced Sporting Technology offers:

  • Real and synthetic ice rinks (temporary / part-temporary / permanent)
  • Ice hockey boards and ice rink surrounds
  • Ice resurfacers (WM ice technics / Zamboni)
  • Ice rink accessories
  • Real ice rinks with summer surfaces
  • Real and synthetic ice curling sheets
  • Skill centre / training centre
  • Crushed  ice courses – summer/winter
  • School games areas
  • Everything for purchase or hire

This is against the background that the market is evolving from an ‘either/or’ to a ‘both/and’ in terms of real and synthetic ice.

So if you have any questions about real or synthetic ice, contact LIKE-ICE! & AST directly!

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photo: LIKE-ICE!

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