The TurfRouter TR500 is an autonomous mobile robot with 12 volt batteries for an operating time of 3-4 hours. Optimal cleaning and maintenance of a large playing field according to SMG standards can be completed in about 3 hours. The Turf­Router works according to the SMG route for optimal maintenance and cleaning of artificial turf. The charging time of the Turf­Router is 6 hours and it operates at a maximum speed of 5 km/h. For location and navigation, it uses the SMG positioning software with information from the GPS/GNSS system and the gyroscope. Safety is guaranteed by ultrasonic sensors and a collision protection on the front. Full control over the TurfRouter is ensured by hand or radio remote control. SIM card, Bluetooth or WLAN handle communication for the exchange of all device/work data. With an app, the data can be read out with conventional end devices and the route can be monitored. The 3-point suspension at the rear is used for pulling and lifting attachments, e.g. the “bestseller” TurfCare, the drag brush or a magnetic bar. All attachments of the Turf­Router can also be pulled by other vehicles.

With its WashMatic WM800, SMG is now making high-pressure water cleaning available for synthetic sports surfaces. Typical fields of application include non-filled artificial turf, running tracks, multi-purpose playing fields and similar surfaces. The front attachment of the WM800 is powered by a water-cooled 44 HP diesel engine. The spray pressure of the rotating spray lance is adjustable up to 170 bar. The water requirement per minute is 50 litres and is usually covered by the water supply to the sports facility. The required amount of water is also guaranteed with the 300 litre water tank with integrated overflow valve. An external water pump conveys the fresh water from the intermediate tank to the machine. Dirty water is discharged through the drain hose. The working width of the WM800 is 800 mm; 550 m² can be cleaned per hour.

SMG_TurfRouter-TR500-Action-sb 1 2020

photo: SMG

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