Sekisui Alveo, European manufacturer of high-quality polyolefin foams, known for innovation in environmental performance contributes towards reduction of carbon footprint of synthetic turf. ISCC PLUS certified resin based on the bio-circular mass balance approach can be used for the production of Alveosport shockpads used in artificial turf and playground surfaces. This reduces the consumption of fossil resources, which significantly decreases the carbon footprint of athletic surfaces. Bio-circular feedstocks are considered a waste / processing residue of biological origin that are re-used. Sustainable and renewable bio-circular feedstocks have a negative carbon footprint due to biogenic absorption during the growth phase. ISCC PLUS certification verifies that the mass balance accounting along the whole value chain follows transparent rules, which are audited by an ISCC-recognised independent body.

Alveosport, designed especially for use as a resilient underlay in sports fields and playground systems, meets stringent quality standards including EN 15330-4 and FIFA. ISCC PLUS certified Alveosport shockpads are identical to standard Alveosport products in terms of performance and durability. The new foam meets all the same quality and performance standards met by the original version. Therefore, the system does not require any re-certification.

Moreover, Alveosport is PAH free and releases no harmful substances into the environment. 

With a service life of up to 25 years, the Alveosport shockpad can typically be reused when the grass mat is replaced. Alveo­sport is recyclable at its end of life.

Sekisui Alveo

Photo: Sekisui Alveo

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