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Who is eligible to enter the student award?

This Award aims at young architects and designers currently studying architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and general design, and at young professionals in their first two years of professional practice. All participants must be under the age of 30 years.

Students must have completed their basic courses or passed their intermediate diploma examinations or obtained their B.A. degrees. Young professionals must have been born after 1st January 1991.

Each participant must submit a copy of his student matriculation document or a copy of his diploma. Each participant must also send a list of his submitted documents and a declaration that he is entering the competition, with details of his place of residence.

Submissions coming from young professionals must not be part of design projects from professional teams or design firms.

Eligible to enter the competition is any kind of design work that focuses on the creation of spaces and areas to be used for sports and leisure activities in the broadest sense. The design strategy must encourage youth to practise sport. By bringing sports activities to young people, e.g. in their urban environments, the project should aim at creating a high sports legacy.

All entries including the items listed under “Documents to be submitted” must be submitted until the date defined under “Dates and address for submission”.

The IAKS is entitled to disqualify any submission which does not conform to the mandatory requirements for the competition.

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