Wooden sports flooring

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Just like resilient sports floors, wooden floors in gyms wear out from years of stress and the use of sports equipment, get poor slip test values and become unsightly due to sole abrasion, handball resins and damaged playing field markings. But there is another factor with wood: the risk of injury. Over the years, notches can become large cracks that flake off and leave users with scratches or even splinters. A risk that a primary school on the Lower Rhine no longer wanted to bear. In order to guarantee the children safe physical edu­cation, the floor had to be renewed. Replacing the 310 m² hall floor would not only have exceeded the budget, but also meant a long downtime. Therefore, it was decided to reno­vate the floor instead with the Sport Floor System from Dr. Schutz.

At first the surface was thoroughly sanded to remove dirt, old lines and bumps. In the next step, the wooden floor was primed. With the specially developed Floor and Sport Liner from Dr. Schutz, the renovation team then taped all line markings on the floor in order to colour them subsequently with the 2-part PU Line Color range. Thanks to this, all field markings were renewed in record time.

As a last step, the floor was then coated three times with the dedicated Strato 2-part water-based lacquer system for wooden sports floors. The perfectly protected area thus fulfills the DIN 18032 and EN-14904 standards for sports floors, lasts for years and is easy to clean.

The renovation of the entire hall floor only took four days.


Photo: Dr. Schutz Group

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