Renovating of the Karlschule in Bonn, Germany

Due to constant use, the sports floor of the Karlschule primary school in Bonn was showing signs of serious wear and tear after just a few years. The lines and courts were no longer clearly visible, and regular cleaning had become increasingly difficult and costly. In addition, shoe and scuff marks had become irrevocably burned into the surface.

Like many other municipalities and organisations, the city council and the school itself wanted the floor to be refurbished but were unable to carry out a complete replacement due to budgetary constraints. With the Sport Floor System, however, it has been possible to restore the sports hall to an as-new condition without exceeding the budget.

The floor had become unsightly, scratched and no longer safe to use – a typical situation in many sports halls. To begin with, the floor was cleaned thoroughly and the old layers of care agent were removed. Then the court colours and lines selected by the school were applied. The lines were then lastingly protected from fading and wear by a transparent top coat. “Thanks to the customised design options, we were able to modify our original lines and courts, so we can now teach our pupils new sports,” says Alexander Katzer, deputy headmaster and games teacher. Logos and symbols, such as club and school crests, are real eye-catchers in modern sports halls in addition to court markings. In the case of the Karlschule in Bonn, the school mascot “Charlie”, a smiling child wearing a crown, was placed in the centre circle. “Having Charlie as the centrepiece of our hall is very special for our children,” headmaster Tobias Hillebrand reports. “No other school in the city has anything like it.”

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photo: Dr Schutz

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