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After years of use, the resilient floor of the local sport hall in the German city of Toenisvorst showed faded colours and lines, reduced slip resistance (and thus risk of injury) as well as various cracks, scratches and dirt. In an adjoining area of the hall (used for storing sports equipment and mats), there were old ceramic tiles which were not only dirty, but also affected the overall appearance of the hall.

For the operator of the hall, an attractive appearance as well as a fast and generally cheaper solution to restore the floor, was key. With the Sport Floor System from Dr. Schutz, a completely new looking floor, with a restored surface in an exciting look, was created in just three days.

Initially, after a thorough deep cleaning and preparation of the floor, a product called “PU Flow” (a self-levelling polyurethane resin) was used to transform the entire floor, including the ceramic tiled areas, into a flawless, even surface.

After this initial self-levelling treatment, the renovation team then proceeded to give the surface a modern, fresh look in complementary coral and turquoise tones. Then the required line markings were masked and applied in plain black and white. Finally, the top coating to protect the new design, was a transparent, satin PU Sealer that hermetically sealed the fields and lines and created an easy-to-clean, non-slip surface that meets the German and international sport floor norms DIN 18032 and DIN EN 14904.

A brief summary of the entire floor renovation process was recorded in a video.

Dr Schutz Sportboden

photo: Dr. Schutz


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