Punto Parkour by Punto Design

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Punto Parkour is a newly developed system from the Punto Design company for the construction of several variants of parkour grounds intended for practising parkour in public places. The company has created a product that will help ­users to master the parkour technique comfortably and safely for health. All parkour grounds are designed according to the international standard DIN 16899-2018.

Advantages of Punto Parkour

Thanks to a variety of options, the parkour equipment can be installed even in small areas. The equipment provides ample opportunities for beginners and professionals, children and adults. Their many angles and several types of jumping, landing and balancing surfaces also comply with DIN 16899-2018.

Punto Fit has an elaborate design and is available in a variety of colours, making it easy to integrate into any landscape project. The elements are produced in grey tones, which are a feature of the material; inserts can be of any colour. It is possible to illuminate individual letters. As for the elements, you can choose any letters of the Latin alphabet.

Punto Parkour is a unique and incomparable product. All elements are made of high-pressure laminate (HPL), a special material of increased lightness and strength that complies fully with parkour ground standards.

Thanks to the use of simple and easily modifiable elements made of HPL and steel, Punto Parkour becomes a kind of “building kit”, simple and convenient in terms of logistics and installation.

Punto sb 5 2020 Parkour 3

Image: Punto Design