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IAKS Nordic Event in Copenhagen, 4-5 Oct

Use the opportunity to meet both professionally and socially with other members of IAKS Nordic!
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After two long years of covid restrictions, we can finally meet again!

IAKS Nordic wants to gather its members to meet both professionally and socially. The event will both provide an opportunity to look at outdoor activity facilities in Copenhagen and social gatherings.

There will be two days where board member of IAKS Nordic and LOA Fonden development consultant Ola Mattsson will guide us at various facilities with the theme: "Outdoor activity in the city".

We will also focus on a social gathering!

The event is coordinated so that those who will participate in the International IAKS Conference in Odense on 5.-6. October can take the train shuttle from Copenhagen.

We are looking forward to a professional and social meeting - we hope to see you!

If you have any questions, feel free to call or send us an e-mail.

Bjørg Liljedal
Coordinator IAKS Nordic
+47 97173203

IAKS Nordic Event 2022

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