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Gymnastics is back in Albstadt

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NUSSLI planned and built interim sports hall as total contractor

The temporary sports hall, which NUSSLI built to replace the demolished Schlossberghalle, was handed over to the city of Albstadt, Germany in November. In just six months, a high-quality gymnasium has been built; and school and club sports can take place again.

Temporary two-pitch hall with complete facilities
With the high-quality temporary solution, NUSSLI offers the city a solution that was originally planned as a temporary solution but can also be used for much longer and finally makes club and school sports possible again. The 45 by 22 m, three-divisible two-pitch hall has a gabled roof with a ridge height of 9.5 m. The hall consists of a steel structure and was built in just four months of planning and about half a year of construction. On both long sides of the hall, single-story ancillary rooms are attached in container construction. Prefabricated and equipped in the factory, the total of 38 containers only had to be connected on site and connected to the supply lines. On the west side of the new sports hall are the equipment and storage rooms. On the east side are the changing rooms, toilets, and showers.



Photos: NUSSLI Group

Quickly implemented solution with a long service life


Photo: NUSSLI Group

The city of Albstadt in Baden-Württemberg has found a solution with the temporary hall that allows them to breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. The sport facility is secured and the planning for a final sports hall can be taken time. According to Udo Baader, Head of Project Management Special Projects at NUSSLI: "The construction time of the hall has been shortened enormously because it consists of a so-called lightweight steel structure. Never­theless, the temporary hall is designed for a longer service life and can remain in place for a good ten years or more. In terms of equipment, the practice hall also offers everything that school sports and sports clubs need for their activities."

For example, the hall is equipped with all the functional rooms and spacious changing rooms required for sport, and the pitch can be divided into three equal sections by curtains. Various devices, such as the fold-out wall bars, can be attached to the sports floor, and ball throwing practice facilities are attached to the walls.

Anticipation of sports activities
With the words "the sports hall should also look good", Mayor Udo Hollauer recently announced a cooperation with the art museum in a newspaper interview. With creative graffiti by the artist Hanna Keul, the facade on the east side becomes a colourful eye-catcher with a sporty girl and plants as a motif.

School classes and sports clubs can look forward to the new gym. This is because it is larger than the old Schlossberghalle and beautifully bright: with a light green floor, large skylights and white roof surfaces from the inside. For people with reduced mobility, there is a fully equipped sanitary room with shower, toilet, and sink. And even the containers that have been set up are no longer individually recognizable after the NUSSLI project team has set them up wall to wall.