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Advert by IAKS member Carl Stahl ARC

Carl Stahl ARC is a specialist for safety nets in Architecture and Construction. In November 2022, the newly defined European Technical Assessment (ETA) for a stainless steel wire rope net was granted for the first time. 

On the basis of a completely new European Assessment Docu­ment developed with EOTA and DIBT, ETA-22/0257 was granted for the X-TEND cable net as fall protection and safety mesh after extensive clarifications and test series. This lays the foundation across Europe for defined practical application possibilities, as well as the static calculability and regularly recurring external monitoring of the production processes and product quality. X-TEND thus is a convincing, tested quality product for the often sensitive areas of application as a permanently installed safety net, at and in sports facilities, schools and daycare centres – as well as in residential and office buildings, and as a facade greenery net or horizontal fall protection mesh. 

The X-TEND mesh is a safety and design element at the same time. It is made of AISI316 stainless steel, is durable, robust and flexible, and used in two- and three-dimensional applications. X-TEND is available in various mesh widths and wire rope diameters. Its very low self-weight in relation to its load-bearing capacity enables filigree installations with large spans. Spectators and athletes enjoy an optimal view. Balls are silently kept by the net without permanent deformation or damage. 

X-TEND is manufactured in own factories in Europe, as well as in the USA in accordance with the “Buy American” guidelines applicable there for certain projects. 

Carl Stahl ARC

Photo: Carl Stahl ARC

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