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At Lausín y Vicente S.L., we design and manufacture fixed and portable sports equipment for sports halls. Regardless of the size of the sports halls, our technical and commercial departments can offer advice to architects and end users to ensure that the products meet both the agreed specifications and the end user´s expectations.

Our standard products for badminton, basketball, handball, tennis, volleyball, and hockey are produced in accordance with European Standards, but something that characterizes our company is the ability of offering bespoke products to meet customers’ needs. Some of these custom-made articles are wall safety padding, grandstands, dividing curtains, and ceiling/roof and wall protection netting.

In the picture, we would like to highlight our beach volleyball equipment, which are installed in an indoor beach volleyball court. This way, everyone can practice this popular and fun game regardless of weather conditions. The posts showed in the pictures are made from aluminium profile, but we can also manufacture them in steel. Other products that we can provide are the nets, the safety pad protectors, and the umpire chairs.

Whether you are equipping a new sports facility, or replacing old equipment, our team will help you by providing design proposals, technical advice, and quotation for any equipment that you require.

Lausin y Vicente

Photo: Lausin y Vicente

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