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IOC IPC IAKS Architecture Prizes 2019


The entries received will be adjudicated by an international Jury composed of personalities from the IOC, the IPC and the IAKS in July 2019.

Gilbert Felli portrait pic

Gilbert Felli

IOC, Switzerland
Mark Todd portrait pic

Mark Todd

IPC, United Kingdom
Maria Keinicke Davidsen portrait pic

Maria Keinicke Davidsen

Wolfgang Becker

Mag. Wolfgang Becker

Rif University Centre, Austria
Catherine Huang portrait pic

Catherine Huang

BIG, Denmark
Ernst-Ulrich Tillmanns portrait pic

Ernst-Ulrich Tillmanns

4a Architects, Germany
Conrad Boychuk

Gary-Conrad Boychuk

IAKS, Canada
Klaus Meinel Portrait

Klaus Meinel

IAKS, Germany